TÜSAYDER Purchasing Summit 2017 With A Great Participation

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TÜSAYDER President Gürkan Hüryılmaz, If we want to exist in the future, we should move the National Procurement 4.0 together

The biggest and only meeting platform of the purchasing sector is VII. Gürkan Hüryılmaz, President of TÜSAYDER, who successfully completed the Procurement and Supply Management Summit, said, alma In order not to lose our competitiveness; . We should create and implement our purchasing and supply management strategies more flexibly with robotic systems, at a cheaper rate than before being produced in the Far East, with better quality and personalized options with 100 control systems. rob

The Association of Purchasing Managers and Professionals-VII. The Purchasing and Supply Management Summit (STZ 2017) was held in Istanbul with the record participation of more than 550 purchasing professionals at the national and international level.

This year's theme is "National Purchasing 4.0" the Purchasing Summit opening in speaking TÜSAYD President Gürkan Hüryılmaz, Turkey's Industry 4.0 stating that you have to catch their own national products, "As Turkey, we catch up with industry 3.0 imported and transferred from abroad products . We couldn't catch with our national products. However, we must capture the industry 4.0 with our own products. We still have to import 100 units for every 62 unit export. If our 5 companies do not follow the development today, they will not be 10 years later. According to Cisco research, the value will be created in the world in the coming years with the digital conversion will be 10 19 trillion dollars, while the private sector will share that Turkey only 169 billion dollars. We should get more shares in the country. If we want to have our future in Turkey we should support national producers. National Purchasing 4.0 concept all together we need to move to the future. Together we must change the future. Ber

Industry With the 4.0, President Hüryılmaz said that almost all production processes have been digitized. On Flexible serial production with more cyber-physical systems and customer preferences, robotics systems and improved manufacturing quality through autocontrols, real-time virtualized manufacturing processes, Big Data is aimed to increase the transmission speed and to reduce the cost of producing personalized products with three-dimensional (3D) printers and faster design and innovation processes in the centers closer to the customer. Thanks to cyber-physical systems that will keep our suppliers in constant communication with us; It is aimed to manage inter-organizational value-value chain networks by smart systems, which can be self-organized, spread across the entire organization, optimized according to criteria such as dynamic, real-time, cost, accessibility and resource utilization. dinamik

Develop cheaper, faster, better quality and more flexible purchasing strategies
Stating that companies should be supported in this process as Purchasing, TÜSAYDER President Hüryılmaz said, alma In order to avoid losing our competitiveness in the future; We need to create and implement our purchasing and supply management strategies in a more flexible manner with the robotic systems, inexpensive, faster than before produced in the Far East, with better quality and personalized options with 100 control systems. Industry 4.0 is a vision. We must fulfill our responsibilities as a purchase for the companies to survive and to exist in the future. Şirket

Call for ”Support TÜSAYDER“
Hüryılmaz, tüsayder's, Purchasing Industry 4.0 applications expressing "Purchasing 4.0" concept which for the first time the agenda in Turkey, "Purchasing 4.0" pattern forming, which makes creating the model project, and stressed that this project managed to become the leading institution offering the European Union . Hüryılmaz said, ızı As TÜSAYDER, we will support our national companies that are trying to produce this technology and not to buy and use the technology from abroad. As a member of TÜSAYDER, we invite all of our colleagues to value their profession and to develop their profession. It should be remembered that the first step of 'Purchasing Responsible' is to support TÜSAYDER's work. Un

Aselsan and Turkcell shared first place
The Purchasing Excellence Awards, which are organized annually by TÜSAYDER, were awarded to the cellence Best National Purchasing 4.0 TÜ projects this year. Aselsan and Turkcell shared the first place. The third prize was given to Blue Mind. TÜSAYDER also rewarded procurement professionals who completed their 25 year in the profession.

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