High Speed ​​Train to Antalya

Transportation, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan, 2018 in Istanbul, Eskisehir, Afyonkarahisar Burdur, Isparta route from Antalya to the railway project will give access to Antalya gave the good news

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, Ahmet Arslan said, "We have become a country that has previously ordered military ships from abroad, from a country dependent on the outside, that produces its own military ships, including MİLGEM, that manufactures warships, builds helicopters and can mass produce them." said.

In his speech at the Handover Ceremony of 150 Hercules Offshore Patrol Ships built by ARES Shipyard in Antalya Free Zone to Qatar Coast Guard Command, Arslan said that their mission is to pave the way for the investor and facilitate their business.

Three sides of Turkey is surrounded by seas on behalf of the highlights of maritime stressed that the extraordinary efforts of Armstrong, "We have achieved serious success in this regard in recent years, but today's achievement is very important in this sense. It is important in terms of our cooperation with friendly Qatar. " used the expression.

ships for Qatar, Armstrong highlighted that ships with the most cutting-edge technology used to be proud of the quality of its ability, Qatar congratulated for this ship they built in Turkey.

"We have come to produce the series of ships from a foreign-dependent country"

Arslan mentioned that the ships in question are very luxurious and said:

“On the one hand, the ships with the highest level of military capabilities have been built in a comfortable way for those who will use them. The ship's radius of rotation is one of the most important criteria. When the ship wants to turn where it is, the faster it can turn in a narrow radius, the more successful it is. A 48-meter-long boat can turn in a 74-meter radius. It's a very nice talent. It has no rudder, it has a joystick. You manage the ship with a joystick that provides forward and backward working capability, ability to turn left and right, and very high maneuverability by operating the engines differently. It is as if you can make the movement you want on the ship with one finger. We have become a country that has previously ordered military ships from abroad, producing its own military ships, including MİLGEM, and producing its helicopters and mass-producing it. "

Antalya's important that meat from the floor in a free zone, where Arslan stressed that the production of 24 active boats, ships of 15 years the amount of investment in the construction sector in Turkey noted that $ 2,8 billion.

Emphasizing that the number of shipyards increased from 37 to 79, Arslan said, “Approximately 30 thousand people work in this sector. It means employing more than 90 thousand people together with the sub-sectors. The shipbuilding industry has reached a turnover of 2,5 billion dollars. The maintenance-repair-export figure is also huge. " used the expression.

"Third world mega yacht production in Turkey"

Turkey's Arslan pointed out that ranks third in mega yacht production in the world, "We're the last year has made 970 million export dollars in this sector, but that this figure does not count maintenance, exports, whereas in fact it three or four times. We have exceeded 11 billion 1 million dollars in the first 60 months of this year, hopefully this number will increase much more. The merchant fleet has increased approximately 4 times. We have come from 8,8 million tonnes to 29,3 million tonnes. This is a very important figure. The Turkish maritime merchant fleet has grown more than twice the world maritime merchant fleet on a tonnage basis. he spoke.

Arslan said that being an exporting country is important for mobilization on the export path, but the targets cannot be reached if the unit price of the exported product cannot be raised.

Referring to the investments they made in Antalya, Arslan said that as the ministry, the amount of investment they made in the city in 15 years was 6 billion 247 million TL and that 46 projects were continuing.

Reminding that the monetary value of these projects is 8 billion 200 million liras, Arslan stated that they spent 2 billion 300 million of this price and the projects continued in a fast way.

Minister Arslan, continued his speech:

“The railway connection of the tourism city Antalya needs to be made. In this regard, the study projects of the railway project that will reach Antalya from Istanbul, Eskişehir, Afyonkarahisar via Burdur and Isparta route are continuing. Our goal is to finish it next year and start its construction as soon as possible. To connect Antalya, the capital of tourism, to Istanbul, the capital of finance and the world, by high speed train. The study and feasibility drilling work on the high-speed train project that will connect Antalya to Konya, then to Aksaray, Cappadocia, Nevşehir and Kayseri continues. With both projects, we will be connecting many major cities of our country to Antalya. "

Emphasizing that Antalya is important in aviation, 2002 million passengers arrived in 10, and this figure was 11 million in 25 months, Arslan said that the number of passengers coming to Gazipaşa Airport also increased.

Arslan said, “It is important to have a say in shipping. Rules take years to prepare. If you are not from the countries that have a say, you will be informed after the rule is made, you will almost be dragged behind the rule. " said.

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