Three-Storey Big Istanbul Tunnel to be Integrated with Marmaray

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan also made statements about the "Three Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel" and other railway projects in Copenhagen, where he came to participate in the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge Tower Wind Tunnel test.

From Söğütlüçeşme on the Anatolian side of the Three-Storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel, KadıköyExplaining that he will be integrated to both the Eagle line and Marmaray, Arslan said, “It will also be integrated with a different 9-rail system on that line. Integration of the rail systems used by 6,5 million people a day will be ensured. ” said.

Emphasizing that the project will be considered as a system that combines Marmaray and Eurasia tunnels, Arslan emphasized that the line will serve two departure-two arrival cars, the round-trip rail system, namely the metro, the tender of the 3-storey Grand Istanbul Tunnel will be held at the beginning of the next year. stated that they have initiated the process for the preparation of the study documents and the preparation of the basic documents for the tender to be held with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model.

“At least 96% of the 70 YHT sets will be produced nationally and locally with gradual cooperation”

Expressing that they have made great strides in the production of national and domestic locomotives and wagons, Arslan said that preparations for mass production of domestic and national electric train sets (EMU) continue in Adapazarı and serial production has started on wagons.

Arslan stated that the new tender for national and domestic high-speed trains will be held next year, and that they want national and local production of 96 sets of at least 70 percent in gradual cooperation.

National Rail Project, the Industrial Cooperation domestic Program framework and outside Arslan pointed out that the interest of many companies, "especially in the context of cooperation they do in Turkey in this respect national over 70 percent of which is our goal at the end of the establishment of factories and day, and the companies for making domestic production both collaboration and preparation to take part in the project. We will get better results in this matter than we expected in a short distance. Because the industry is ready for it. ”

“All of Marmaray will be opened at the end of 2018”

Arslan also noted that the work at the Başkentray Project has reached its final stage and that they are planning to put it into service in January or February next year, and also Gebze-Halkalı He said that the infrastructure works on the suburban line (Marmaray) are aimed to finish in August 2018, and they plan to open the line at the end of 3 after the completion of the electrical and signal work in September and a 2018-month test drive.

Explaining that night freight can be carried out in Marmaray, Ankara-Istanbul YHT line passengers can go up to Haydarpaşa Train Station, Arslan stated that it will serve an average of 1,5 million passengers daily.

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