THY does not want to move to the third airport

Turkish Airlines has forwarded the priority to the new airport to the airport, not to use the Ataturk Airport as a hub, and to forward the demand for Turkish Airlines to move forward.

While the construction of the new airport in Istanbul continues, the process of moving to the new airport has already begun to be planned. The companies operating at the Atatürk Airport have increased the number of meetings with the Istanbul Grand Airport (İGA) officials regarding the process of moving to the new airport. During the negotiations on the move between the companies and the IGA officials, there was an interesting demand from Turkish Airlines. Turkish Airlines sent a request to the State Airports Authority in a letter, expressed his views on the move plan.


airporthab isAccording to the information obtained by; Underlining that there will be an unprecedented move in the world, Turkish Airlines emphasized two different scenarios. Accordingly, he reminded that the scenarios for all stakeholders to move to the new airport at once or to move the airlines that are not hub carriers to the new airport and to work simultaneously with the two airports for a while.

THY, 2006 in Bangkok, Thai Airways and 2014 Qatar Airways in Qatar in Qatar Airways' s new airport as an example of the move to the DHMI. THY stressed that the gradual transition would reduce the risk and the operation would be fully operational at the new airport, and that the transport process would be completed in two to four weeks if there were no problems.

THY, taking into account these assessments at the inauguration ceremony of the new airport after the first flight of the other airlines to start the operation, using the Ataturk Airport as the center of the time of the Turkish Airlines announced the demand for the completion of the transition period of the State Airports Authority.

Turkish Airlines' General Manager Bilal Eksi and Deputy Director General Ahmet Bolat signed a request for the answer to the question of how the DHMI'nin has been the subject of curiosity.

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