The Smallest Cable Car of the Black Sea

samsun cable car
samsun cable car

When looking at the distance and size of the cable cars in the 3 cities in the Black Sea Region, it was determined that the shortest and smallest one was located in Samsun.

The cable car, which has been activated to contribute to the tourism of the cities and to facilitate the transportation in the city, is located only in the provinces of Samsun, Ordu and Trabzon in the Black Sea Region. Trabzon is the city with the largest cable car in terms of length and dimensions, while Samsun has the smallest.

The characteristics of the cable cars in the 3 province are as follows:
The cable car, which was launched in 2005 to provide transportation between Amisos Hill and Batıpark in Samsun, consists of 2 stops and is 320 meters long and has the smallest of the ropeways in Ordu and Trabzon.

Located in Boztepe district of Ordu and operating in 2011 to facilitate access to the city center, the cable car is 530 meters above ground level. The length of the cable car with 21 cabins is 2 thousand 350 meters.

The length of the cable car in Trabzon's Beşikdüzü district, which is still under construction, is exactly 3 meters. The longest in the Black Sea, the cable car can go up to 600 meters above the ground.

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