In Bursa, the court said stop to UKOME's minibus decision, eyes are on the president Aktaş

In Bursa, the 70th article of UKOME, which concerns Gürsu, Kestel, İsabey and Karapınar Minibuses, said the judgment was stopped.

With the request of BURULAŞ; In line with the decision taken by the UKOME gathered in March, the East Garage where İnegöl-Yenişehir and the Kestel-Gürsu minibuses traveled with article 43 were removed, and the Kestel transfer garage was shown as the address for İnegöl-Yenişehir lines. The Judiciary responded positively to the objection of the Kestel-Gürsu Chamber of Drivers, who applied to the 70st Regional Administration to suspend the execution, and suspended the execution.

The court, which sent the decision to UKOME and Metropolitan, closed the way to appeal to the upper court. In the verdict, "the right to freedom of trade and passenger transport can not be prevented" the court was using the phrase has scored a first in Turkey. Speaking on the subject, President of the Gürsu Drivers' Chamber Recep Kaya said, “If you were to ask whether such a decision was taken as a tradesman, our chances were half. There was a company named BURULAŞ, which is a municipal organization, that damaged the place of the municipality. For the 70th article, Gürsu-Kestel and Bursa Chamber of Minibuses acted together and filed a lawsuit. Before filing a lawsuit, we tried to reach the Mayor of the time, Recep Altepe, and the General Manager of BURULAŞ, Levent Fidansoy. Even the deputies of the AK Party stepped in, I passed him, even our Minister Mehmet Müezzinoğlu and Efkan Ala could not persuade the Metropolitan. At the point we arrived, we won the court, the East Garage was lost. We met with our new Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, expressed our search for a solution point for minibuses, we are waiting for the decision regarding us ”.

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