Rail System Graduates Statement from Apaydın

TNCD 2018 where in-service training programs for 91 will be discussed. The Board of Education met at the Prestige Thermal Hotel in Ankara Ayaş on 22 December 2017.

TCDD General Manager İsa Apaydın In his speech at the opening of the Board of Education, pointing to Turkey's bid to enter 2023 years 10 the world's largest economy among the first, "Our goal for this great task falls to us to capture the railwaymen. We need to plan the trained manpower needed and take measures to recruit and recruit personnel. İhtiyaç

Apaydın underlined that the most important factor in the efficient implementation of new investments in our railways is the qualified manpower to keep up with development while investments in the construction, modernization and maintenance of railway infrastructure continue and the people who have contributed in all these works. stressed the need to continue to invest in the source.

De Structural reforms in our sector; In addition to the operation of railway systems, the new regulations for the training, qualifications and certification of the employees contributing to this operation,, said Apaydın, said that the regulations prepared by the GDGM made it obligatory to certify the personnel who undertook security-critical tasks with appropriate training for the qualifications.


Stating that TCDD needs qualified, innovative development and open workforce, Apaydın said: değişim For this purpose; On behalf of TCDD, we sent the 68 student abroad on scholarship. The 64 of 54, who has completed his education, is currently working as a Senior Engineer at TCDD. In 2018, we will send our 20 scholarship to Italy with an overseas scholarship. We are increasing the number of our personnel with an engineer every year. We give priority to the graduates of the Rail Systems Technology Departments that exist in our country's formal education system. Em

Apaydın explained that they realized many projects for the railways, which is one of the key sectors in development and industrialization, and that they will continue their works with the same excitement and unity.

Turkey's year 2023, 10 the world's largest economy as to be among the first that was a great goal and a great responsibility to railwaymen to achieving this goal expression that falls TCDD General Director İsa Apaydın Ve We should also plan our qualified manpower to reach our targets, and take measures to recruit and recruit personnel. Railroad sector, as well as in all matters related to vocational training and certification in terms of TCDD pioneers. Da He said.

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