TCDD-Bulgaria Railway Cooperation

The TCDD and the Bulgarian National Railway (NRIC) delegation met at the Headquarters Small Meeting Hall on Tuesday, November 28 for the development and cooperation of rail transport.

General manager İsa Apaydın The Bulgarian Delegation, headed by the General Director of NCR, Krasimir Papuchiyski, exchanged ideas on the current situation of the railway infrastructure and planning for the future. The delegation was informed about the ongoing projects in our country.

The General Manager of NRIC, Krasimir, informed about the experiences and experiences of TCDD, which has similar projects for the realization of the projects in a more effective way, while providing information about the ongoing and future planned projects in their countries.

In addition to the bilateral meetings, the Bulgarian Delegation visited 29 November Wednesday, Ankara YHT Gar, Etimesgut YHT Maintenance Complex, Başkentray Project stations, CTC Centers and Marmaray and received information from the authorities.

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