STSO Requests Special Incentive for Railway Investments

Presidency of Presidents of Presidents of NGOs, led by Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO), met before President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit. During the meeting, the priority issues to be requested for Sivas were discussed and a joint decision was taken to submit an 3 article.

The Board of Presidents, convened for 34 times, has held the N President Special bugün meeting under the chairmanship of our Chairman Osman Yıldırım.

President Osman Yildirim said that they were working to make the visits of the state elders to Sivas more efficient and said amacıyla We will host our President at the weekend. The most basic feature of Sivaslılar is to host its guests in the best way. We met with our Presidents to make this visit a useful one. We want to determine our demands and present them in a report. We want to pay for our work. We've taken it so far. When the Prime Minister of the period, Ahmet Davutoglu 7 article, current Prime Minister Binali Yildirim came when we asked for 5 substance. Now we will request 3 items from our President. Our goal is to make our city more beautiful and livable. Ama


Mayor Yıldırım said that if the demand for 3, which is very important for Sivas, will be increased, the development and growth will increase. Yildirim, açıklanmış First and only we want to give special incentives for Railway Investments. For this reason, we demand that the investments to be made in the railway sector should be benefited from the incentives implemented in the 23 province. 2. We will ask for support in the production of the national car in Sivas. 5 will produce domestic cars and will be a reference to Sivas in the case of Sivas, and the most ready city for this investment will be Sivas. 3. as 2. As State University, we will request the establishment of 4 September Science and Technology University. Because we want to transform the capital of the Seljuks, as it was in history, to the eler City of Madrasas gibi. Within this, a second state university on the agenda of the Assembly, as soon as the request of the opening of the Sivaslıların.

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