The Ankara Market, which is located on the route of the tram, is falling!

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, on the route of the tram and prevented the passage of the car became the symbol of Mehmet Ali Pasha Ankara Marketi decided to demolish. Required notices were made to the owners

The Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality's tramway project is adding another one to the demolitions. The Ankara Market, which has become the symbol of Mehmet Ali Pasha in order to relieve the traffic on the grounds that it prevents the passing of the tram, will be destroyed. Ahmet and Yalçın Şerif brothers in the building that they run for years in the Ankara Market is not yet clear when the transport, the owner of the building and the necessary notifications were made. Mehmet Ali Pasha will lose a market that is a symbol for the neighborhood. It is expected to relieve traffic after demolition.

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