Transportation in Bursa is Ready for the New Year

📩 20/12/2018 17:14

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, 2017 2018 connecting 31 December Sunday evening with 1 January Monday, the citizens took all the measures to ensure safe and peaceful.

Metropolitan Municipality completed the preparations for citizens to meet the new year in a better environment. Mayor Alinur Aktas, wishing the new year bring peace and happiness, getir Bursa, a city full of unique beauty, has completed its 2017 year with valuable work. We're starting a new year. By taking lessons from the past, we aim to protect ourselves today and to walk safely to tomorrow. We are in the service of the Bursali to give a bright light to the future of Bursa. With enthusiasm and excitement, we will continue to work to add value to the value of the city and to further increase Bursa's vision. I would like to congratulate the new year of all our fellow-citizens and say that we will build the future of Bursa together. I wish 2018 would bring health, friendship, peace, peace and happiness X.

On the rail

BURULAŞ General Directorate, which carries out the services of Rail System and Bus Management within the borders of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, extended all BursaRay flights by taking every precaution to ensure that the citizens travel comfortably and safely. According to this, 31 will continue until December 2016. Local bus services and BUDO flights will continue in the normal course, but S02.00, S1, 2A, 25C, 3G and 4E bus lines will provide additional services within the city.

Information about additional flights Citizens will be able to report their requests and complaints about transportation to the transportation line at 08508509916.

Teams on duty

Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Municipal Police, 31 On December Sunday and 1 January Monday, citizens will have a duty of pedestrian and motorized crew to evaluate the suggestions and complaints from the citizens in person or on 4441600, 7163330, 2615240 and ALO Municipality 153 immediately.

In addition, for the purpose of eliminating all kinds of grievances and complaints of passengers traveling with private public buses, minibuses, taxis and minibuses providing public transportation within the city, the 'Traffic Supervision Police Department' is also located at the Intercity Bus Terminal for the evaluation of complaints of intercity passengers. A sufficient number of personnel will be employed in the Terminal Police Department.

Firefighters, 24 hours on duty

Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, in the new year against all firefighting service and fire possibility, 28 484 fire brigade personnel and 57 volunteer group in the separate group 586 volunteer fire fighter, 114 vehicle, 7 / 24 fire, rescue and possible disasters will continue their duties. In case of need, the fire department will be able to reach the fire alarm line with 110 and 7163417.

Continuous service

Citizens will be able to apply to 153 if there is a need for emergency teams for emergency interventions. The maintenance and repair teams of the General Directorate of BUSKI will also serve in the new year. Citizens, all kinds of water and sewer-related complaints to the phone by calling 185, they can ask for help. To help the wishes and complaints of the people of Bursa on every issue below, their names and phones will continue the work of the specified service units.





ZABITA: 7163330



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