The TCA could not track down some vehicles that the contractors took and allocated to TCDD

The TCA's report revealed the scandal in TCDD. According to this; vehicles were taken against public officials contrary to the tender specifications. However, where and where some of the vehicles could not be determined.

Court of Auditors, the Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) has revealed a major scandal related to the General Directorate. Despite the fact that there is no issue regarding allocation of vehicles to the administration at the general specifications of the construction works, all the expenses belong to the contractor, 2016 vehicles were allocated to TCDD in 358 within the scope of the contracts signed.
However, some of these vehicles were assigned to whom and where the vehicles were located.


In the report prepared by the Court of Accounts regarding 358 vehicles delivered to TCDD in violation of the specification, the scandal was described as follows: “Within the scope of construction contracts, the vehicles that were temporarily given to TCDD were allocated to the engineers in charge, regional managers and managers of the general directorate. However, since it is not clear to whom some of these vehicles are allocated, the fate of the vehicles is also unknown. ” The report also included detailed information on vehicles that are unknown to whom or whose outcomes cannot be revealed.


Within the scope of the Palu-Genç-Muş construction contract, 9 vehicles were allocated as 8 terrain and 17 vehicles and no information was provided about who the 7 vehicle was allocated to.

2 passenger vehicles were purchased within the scope of 8 annual road maintenance auctions and no information could be obtained about whom vehicles were allocated.

Within the scope of Yerköy-Sivas supply construction contract, 10 land vehicles have been purchased and information about 4 of them has not been obtained.

Within the scope of the Bursa-Yenişehir construction contract, 10 vehicles were allocated, including 3 land and 13 passenger cars, and no information could be obtained on whom 7 vehicles were allocated to. THE INSTITUTION HAS BEEN RECORDED In the report, it was stated that some of the luxury cars allocated are located at the General Directorate of TCDD, and the figures regarding how many vehicles were allocated for which project. Although TCDD was warned in the 2015 report, the report noted that the implementation was continued in 2016 as well: “In projects such as Palu-Genç-Muş and Ankaray, it was observed that a large number of vehicles were purchased. This practice should be ended. ”


Haluk Pekşen, CHP Trabzon Member of Parliament and KIT Commission, made a statement regarding the TCA's report revealing the scandal in TCDD. Pekşen said: “Public bureaucrats have violated the tender law for their personal interests. The Court of Accounts found this violation, warned it, but the same violation continued in 2016. 358 vehicles, their cost to the public, the total costs of these vehicles to the institution and who used them could not be determined. If the Court of Accounts cannot find the outcome of the vehicles, who are they undertaken, what is the purpose of these people in using the vehicles? Since the state is not an officer, it is obvious that the party has supporters. In this case, the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor should address this corruption. ”

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