Material Science and Industry was spoken at SAU

Sakarya University Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Society organized a conference called ğu Material Science in Industry Sak.

ASAŞ Aluminum R & D Engineer Cem Mehmetalioğlu and Ford Otosan Mold Maintenance and Production Tracking Team Leader Mehmet Burak Mısırlı attended the conference held at the SAU Culture and Congress Center.

Foreign language is important

Cem Mehmetalioğlu talked about the metallurgical engineering practices at ASAŞ and conveyed the points that they should pay attention to in job applications. Mehmetalioğlu said, “Foreign language is very important for the whole sector. Priority is given to those who have a master's and doctorate degree for the R & D center. Because the department has a lot of graduates, you have to prove yourself in other departments. Bölüm

Use of aluminum will increase

He also informed the students about all stages of research and development of the ASAŞ and all stages of production. Am Rail systems are now passing to aluminum. Iron and steel rail systems and automotive products are provided. In contrast, new designs show very clearly that new products will be aluminum. We see that aluminum is used in products where steel is required. Therefore, the aluminum sector is growing, Bu he said.

Intensive tempo in production

Mehmet Burak Mısırlı gave information about Ford Otosan and talked about the production stages. Egyptian, ki Maintenance, engineering, mold and manufacturing, we have four teams. We produce about one thousand 500 cars per day. If you love busy tempo, I suggest you be in production. Today's problem-solving, problem development and the problem of the problems experienced by using engineering sciences to prevent the repetition of the problem is passed.

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