Turkish engineers produced speed sensor for tram in Samsun

Turkish engineers in Samsun produced the speed sensor costing 850 Euros for 750 liras due to the malfunction of the speed sensor in the trams used by Samsun Light Rail System Inc. (SAMULAŞ) affiliated to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and the monopoly being in Germany.

Hakan Kahvecioğlu and his team, who managed to produce the speed sensor after 1,5 months of R&D, said to the press members, “We used the first piece we produced for trial purposes. A few minor bumps appeared. So it wasn't exactly what we wanted. Then, by solving that problem, we developed a perfectly working sensor. ” he spoke.

Stating that they produce 50 pieces, SAMULAŞ General Manager Kadir Gürkan stated that the speed sensors in his spark plugs failed and added: “We wanted to produce the locals too. As a result of our meeting with our Samsun producers, we cost the speed sensor 750 lira with the same technical features and to produce the same data. There are about 12 speed sensors in one tram. When you hit this vehicle fleet, it creates a very high operating and maintenance cost. With these kinds of studies, we had the chance to both improve the production infrastructure of Samsun firms and to reduce operating costs. ”




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