Samsun to Become the International Trade Center of the Black Sea

It is approaching the goal of the world city step by step with the investment and change projects carried out under the leadership of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality.

The city, which has made its name known to the international public with its Hearing Impaired Olympics, will become one of the country's most important trade centers with its completed Logistic Village.

Samsun agriculture, tourism, sports, health infrastructure, free and organized industrial zones, ports, transportation and geographical advantages with preparing international trade Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Europe, the Black Sea countries, except the city of Turkey, the Middle East, the business community in Central Asian countries converts to import and export gate.

50 with a million-dollar investment in the town of Tekkeköy 680 thousand square meters built on the Samsun Logistics Village, companies, industrialists, entrepreneurs, transportation, storage, distribution and intermodal transportation will offer. Supported by the Competitive Sectors Program carried out by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology, the project includes machinery and equipment park for all kinds of handling, warehouses of different sizes, customs services, social facilities and administrative buildings, offices for transport brokers, railways, fuel oil, fire and service. stations, weighing units, containers and TIR parking areas.


Samsun Logistic Village, which connects Anatolia to the Black Sea with the railway line, is expected to make significant contributions to the city, region and country economy. Underlining that they attach great importance to the project, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, Z Samsun is a candidate to be an international logistics center with all its transportation and trade potentials. I believe that this investment will make very serious contributions to our city, our region and our country's economy. It will be a great benefactor for the firms as it will decrease the logistics costs for export. This investment will be an important development dynamics for our city. In this way, we will increase our export capacity to neighboring countries. When this transportation connection is realized, Samsun will have a big development move and it will develop its economy like snowball rapidly. Bu


Expressing that they are trying to present the potentials of the city to the service and appreciation of national and international communities, President Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “Our first important projection is 2019. For this reason, we make Samsun the city of the World. We will become a branded modern city in aesthetics, tourism, health, economy, industry and education. We are determined to bring Samsun, the pearl of the Black Sea, whose standard of living rises day by day, to this goal. There is no reason for us not to achieve this goal with our strong cultural heritage, dynamic human power, and quality education, health and sports infrastructure, which are filtered through history. All we have to do is work harder and progress steadily. We also strive to move our city to the future without saying day and night. We run to the future with an increasing morale every day. We constantly raise our bar by overcoming the obstacles we face. Samsun is no longer the old Samsun. Our city is rapidly changing and developing. In other words, we are writing success stories with all our potentials and opportunities. ” used expressions.



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