Piyer Loti-Miniatürk cable car tender canceled

Following the Havaray and Haliç Underwater Highway Tunnel projects of former Istanbul Metropolitan Mayor Kadir Topbaş, the tender for the 'Pierre Loti-Miniatürk' project, which was planned to join the two sides of the Golden Horn, was also canceled.

According to the news of Habertürk, the Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal canceled another planned project in the period of Kadir Topbaş. The tender for the 'Piyer Loti-Miniatürk' cable car line, which is planned to connect the two sides of the Golden Horn, was canceled. Among the reasons for the cancellation of the ropeway tender, there was the possibility of 'negatively affecting the Golden Horn Leonardo da Vinci Pedestrian Bridge', which is planned to be made in the same region.


Kadir Topbaş who resigned from Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Sefaköy-Başakşehir Havaray and Haliç underwater highway tunnel projects were canceled. Piyer Loti-Miniatürk cable car project was canceled by Topbaş's canceled 3. prestige project. The project was planned to build a cable car line from Eyüpsultan Piyer Loti Hill to Miniatürk on the other side of the Golden Horn.


The reason for the cancellation of the cable car tender prepared with the idea of ​​making a significant contribution to the tourism of the region is remarkable. The bridge that the famous painter and architect Leonardo da Vinci designed for the Golden Horn was among the grounds for the cancellation of the tender.

The municipality was informed by the Metropolitan Municipality of Haliç on the cancellation of the ropeway tender:

Usu The 6 pole located on the Eyüpsultan-Piyer Loti-Miniatürk cable car line was requested not to be located between the Mevlevihane and the bridge with the 6 no. Due to the necessity to make the integration with the planned pedestrian bridge correctly, the project revision requirement in Eyüpsultan-Piyer Loti-Miniatürk cable car line has been required.

In addition to the construction period, project revisions are expected to change construction costs. Therefore, the final projects need to be re-evaluated and completed. Considering the impact of the project revisions on the entire ropeway system, it has been decided to cancel the tender due to the implementation of the present state of the project as a result of the fact that the requirements of the Public Procurement Law 4734 No. 5 can be produced as a result of not using the requirements effectively, economically and efficiently.


The cable car tender, which was opened by IMM in October 2016, was awarded to 18.4 million Euros by the partnership of Austrian and Turkish companies. kazanHowever, IMM canceled the tender after 2 months. The municipality opened a second tender for the same line in September 2017. This time, the Austrian firm and its Turkish partner objected to the second tender. The Public Procurement Authority, on the other hand, rejected the objections made by the two companies.

Source : I www.haberturk.co

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