Staff good news from Minister Arslan to PTT

Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan stated that the candidates will be hired by giving the good news that they have solved the legal problem of the 750 thousand candidates who have been waiting for a long time and are eager to start working at PTT.

In his statement, Minister Arslan reminded that PTT AŞ. Was recruited in accordance with the Regulation on Administrative Service Contracted Personnel to be Employed in the Postal and Telegraph Organization Corporation.

Arslan, who drew attention to the lawsuit filed by the Press and Broadcast Communication and Mail Workers' Union (HABER-SEN) on 9 July 2015 in the 16th Chamber of the Council of State regarding the cessation of the regulation, stopped PTT AŞ. He noted that the 750 candidates who applied to Turkey and won the exam were victimized.

In this context, Arslan stated that there are articles 695 and 696 published in the Official Gazette, and employment related articles in PTT, and article 696 of Article 117, which was entitled to enter PTT, but could not be employed due to the decision to stop execution. He emphasized that a new clause was added to end the grievances of the personnel.

“We solved the legal problem of 750 candidates”

Minister Arslan stated that they will start these people by giving the good news that 750 thousand candidates who have been waiting for a long time and cannot wait to start working at PTT have solved their legal problem.

Arslan stated that the victimization of 2017 thousand people who took the exam and got the right to be appointed for the recruitment of PTT staff in 750 was ended with the Decree No. 696 published today, “Good luck to our new colleagues.” he spoke.

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