'Music Ban' Imposed During Melih Gökçek Period in Ankara Subway Has Been Lifted

Amah artists who made music in subway wagons in Ankara were removed from the ban in Melih Gökçek period. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, amateur musicians in the condition of not disturbing the passengers in the metro wagons, allowed the activities.

Music fights were frequent in the Ankara Metro during the Gökçek period. In 2013, when the three young people, who got permission from the passengers, sing along with the guitar, the attendant who used the subway warned, and the subway was stopped when the youth continued to music. The officer warned, saying, "Playing guitar is prohibited."

A similar incident happened in November 2014. The two young people playing music in the subway wagon were asked to be taken out by the municipality security guards and reacted to the musicians by saying "If you do not get out of the wagon, the train will not go". Music was not allowed, although passengers said, 'We are not complaining.


The music in the subway came to the fore with the complaint of a citizen in the period of the new President Mustafa Tuna. Citizen called the Blue Table affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality and said, "Foreign children in the subway are begging, and those who make music are disturbing." Mavi Table officers replied, "In such a case, press the emergency button, at the next stop, these people will be lowered and fined by the security officers."

The officials of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality stated that the message was misunderstood and the emergency button could be pressed for those who were just begging or disturbed in the metro cars. The emergency button is silent and does not affect other passengers, the municipal authorities said, 'Persons who are bothering passengers or endangering their safety are taken out of the station by the security guards at the next stop. The criminal sanctions are not in the authority of the municipality. Cez

It was also announced that it was free to do the music on the subway. Amateur artists' music in certain criteria will not bother anyone who stating that the municipal authorities, the artists in the subway to emphasize that there is no harm in making music sanat

Source: Sozcu




    1. play music on the train, but whether it is human music, TSM or THM.