The Rail System Delayed for the Years

The delay of the rail system, which the people of Mersin waited for years, stretched the Metropolitan Municipality Council. President Kocamaz, due to be loaded to the Municipality of Mezitli, President Tarhan threw the ball into the Metropolitan.

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Council 2017 December, the second reunification of the meeting, Mersin Mayor Burhanettin Kocamaz was chaired by.

During the meeting held at the Convention and Exhibition Center, 9 and 28 of the commission reports were discussed.

Mr. Kocamaz gave information about the rail system in the Assembly during the discussion of the issues coming from the Commission.'N If we do not take public transportation vehicles out of GMK Boulevard in the rail system project, the problems continue. The vehicles used for the public transportation of Mersin will collect the citizens vertically, bring them to the rail system and they will work in an integrated manner. This branch of the business branching out of Mezitli municipality was due to license there. 1 / 100 is the middle of the mill. It's a storage zone. But he was licensed. The municipality of Mezitli asked for the displacement of this. We've shifted by him. Otherwise, it was better for us because it was a shorter distance. We all know how much the mileage costs a mile. Not a very cheap service. Slipped a little forward. Of course, there were such objections. Hopefully, these problems will be solved without hurting anyone or kebab. How much of this area will be used, but will occur after the project is prepared. The final stage of the tender for the project has been reached Proje.

In We are not transporters here, ın said President Kocamaz, adding that the experts on the route of the rail system project had decided by counting according to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. During the preparation of these projects, while planning, how many vehicles and pedestrians pass through the street from which point of the street, 24 has been determined how many people are passing in hours and in total. I don't know what you know or I do. The criterion is all over the world; from where the most people pass the rail system from there to reduce traffic. The experts of this business have determined this route. After this time there is no use to say here or from here, Bu he said.

Stating that some members of the council acted inconsistently, President Kocamaz said, r I feel sorry for this. Some of our friends sign the commissions, where they show the opposite or do not come to parliament. If you have any objections, do it there or stand behind your signature. That's not nice. I do not think that our people will see it as well Halk.



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