The interest in public transport in Mersin increases year by year

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality to expand sustainable urban transport network, ensuring extension of the city's public transport continues to work with the purpose of transportation services.

Thanks to the transportation services implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality, the interest of the city in public transportation is gradually increasing. Since March 2014, the preference for public transportation in the city has increased thanks to the number of buses it has bought and the number of lines and flights it has increased.

In the 2014 11 808 thousand million years 257 the number of passengers taking the new car, in line with 2015 19 million and increasing the number of flights reached 397 249 thousand it gave an increase of 64 percent. 2017 22 675 236 XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX XNUMX

The number of vehicles included in the fleet of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality was effective in this increase. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality took over in March that year 2014 118 2017 to 229 by subtracting the number of public transport vehicles as of November xnumx'lük percent to an increase in the number of vehicles. In 94 the number of lines with 2014 was 38 in 2017.

The factors influencing the public transport to be preferred from year to year were evaluated according to the subjects they were most satisfied with in the transportation survey conducted in November. harmony with the movement of vehicles according to their level of satisfaction hours, access to which is to stop the vehicle of choice and confidence in the cleanliness of public transport in edilirliklerinin took place in the front row.

At the same time Mersin Metropolitan Municipality, the Union of Municipalities of Turkey in November and organized by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Transistor 2017 International Istanbul Transport Congress and Exhibition 'Public Transport Reliability' awarded with the first prize has been registered direction safe transportation.

The rate of people with disabilities choosing public transportation increased year by year

The Mersin Metropolitan Municipality has incorporated unimpeded vehicles into its fleet with sustainable transportation and an accessible transportation approach for every target audience. The public transportation options of disabled citizens increased due to public transportation suitable for disabled people. In the 2014 who prefer public transport, while the number of disabled 618 946 thousand by the end of this year 2017 943 thousand 869 ratio was correct.

The districts that did not go to the bus met with public transport

Access to districts was facilitated by adding the number of lines to districts that had no previous public transport, such as Silifke and Çamlıyayla. At the same time, the number of lines and voyages of the districts with fewer numbers was increased from year to year and the service network was expanded.

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