Satellite Tracking to Public Transport in Malatya

📩 19/12/2018 17:15

In order to provide a quality and comfortable service in transportation, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, which increases its service quality with each passing day, continues its works for citizens to use public transportation safely.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Services within the scope of the studies initiated within the city as the first passenger transporting J-plate 580 vehicle tracking system was installed.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality to ensure the safety of citizens using public transport and possible monitoring of violations in the electronic environment to ensure the monitoring of vehicles with the M-vehicle vehicles, vehicle tracking system, in-car camera and panic buttons for possible emergencies were installed.

When the panic buttons installed on the vehicles are touched, an emergency code is sent to the Metropolitan Municipality Coordination Monitoring Center and online tracking is provided.

By Malatya Metropolitan Municipality, 232 in-car camera, 928 vehicle tracking system and 232 emergency panic button have been applied to the vehicles that have been serving with 464 M license plate.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Services also provides services outside of public transportation vehicles, taxis, students and staff transporting tradesmen vehicles and passengers and drivers in accordance with the criteria set for the safety of vehicle monitoring system, vehicle cameras and emergency panic buttons will be installed.

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