Travel fines for private public buses that do not meet the criteria in Kocaeli

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Department by the public service throughout the city, the controls for private public buses were frequent. During the inspections, especially in the cold winter season, the heating system was checked for operability and compliance with hygiene rules.


In the studies carried out by the teams of the Metropolitan Municipality, inspections were made for the internal structure of the buses. Especially in buses where compliance with general cleaning and hygiene rules were checked, heating installations were also checked. In addition, the stability of seat and handle pipes, which are very important for passenger safety, was also checked. In the controls on whether the water flows into the vehicles or not, the operation was performed on the vehicles that did not comply with the rules.


In addition, the structure of the vehicle bodywork was also checked. In the bodywork structure, which is very important for vehicle safety, inspections are carried out for vehicles that have not been repaired or decayed.


Within the scope of the inspections, buses that do not comply with the relevant regulations are identified and fined. Sanctions are given to vehicles that are inspected, such as issuing warnings, writing penalties, detaining part of the expedition or even banning it from expedition indefinitely. Inspections by the Metropolitan Municipality will continue uninterrupted throughout the province. Most importantly, citizens are expected to travel in a more comfortable and hygienic environment during the cold winter season.

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