Channel continues to work on 5 route for Istanbul

Speaking about Kanal Istanbul, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Ahmet Arslan said, "Our goal is to finish the works and start the tender process in the first half of next year."

Reminding that the tender for the survey projects of Kanal Istanbul was carried out, Arslan stated that new additional soundings were made within the framework of the tender, fresh water related to 5 different routes, ecological balance, the grounds that will not make people victims of urban transformation and suitable for construction.

Arslan stated that drilling is continuing within the scope of the tender and stated that the route will be determined after exposing plus and minus points or a decision will be made on one of the five routes.

Arslan striking the EIA process Simultaneously, the Environment and the Ministry of Urbanism of a perception created as he worked on one route because the route is located on the web site but including the EIA process, stressed that the conduct of 5 route to related work.

Stating that the EIA regarding the finalized route will be finalized after the works, Arslan said that the tender process will start.

Arslan, after determining the route that will not spoil the ecological balance and will not affect the fresh water basins of the region, will come out from the 1,7 billion cubic meters of fertile soils in agricultural lands, some of the rest of them in 3 different islands, coal materials at the Istanbul New Airport. He said that it would be used for filling and greening welded pits.

3 island between the Black Sea and Marmara, the harbor and the free zone will be carried out about the fillings describing Arslan, said these studies will be clarified with the study project.

Arslan stated that the urban transformation, construction and use of the channel and the construction of the ports will be the whole of the project, where different financial models will be used, as well, Arslan said that the $ 15 billion project is important in order to protect and save the Bosphorus from potential hazards.

Reminding that there is a world cultural heritage in Istanbul, which has thousands of years of culture and is the capital of various civilizations, Arslan said, “We are the owner and protector of that heritage, but we strive for all kinds of protection. Therefore, the alternative waterway is important for us. While doing this, we are trying to evaluate the best way and make the crooked construction in those regions become a modern life within the scope of urban transformation. ” he spoke.

Arslan noted that their goal is to finish the work in the first half of next year and to start the tender process.

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