The people of Izmir react to the transportation hike

CHP Metropolitan Municipality's decision to take the 10 hike percentage of transportation has attracted a great response. Izmir public transport vehicles, stating that they are traveling in Izmir, "Çilemiz further folded," he said

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council made a 1 percent increase in transportation, effective from January 2018, 10, after the increase in water and parking lot. Citizens who reacted to the increase said, “Let Izmir Metropolitan Municipality improve the service quality in transportation first. We are tired of traveling in the form of a fish hoard in İZBAN. Let them increase the number of trips, then raise them. There are many people living on minimum wage. "Zam will burn the pocket of the citizen" he said.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Council has decided to increase public transportation fees by 1 percent, effective from January 2018, 10, after the increase in water and parking lot. In the third session of the Metropolitan Municipality Council held with the participation of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu in December, the transportation increases accepted by the Plan and Budget Committee were discussed. In the voting, the proposal for a 10 percent increase in public transportation since the beginning of the year was accepted with the majority of votes against the rejection votes of the AK Party members. Bilal Doğan, AK Party Deputy Chairman of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Council, who spoke at the session, reacted to the 10 percent increase in urban transportation. Stating that they are trying to cover the transportation damages with a raise in İzmir, Doğan said, “Failed ESHOT General Directorate and İzmir Metropolitan are tormenting the public. While water and parking hikes were taking his head, a blow came in the transportation area. "There is bad intention behind this hike," he said. Doğan emphasized that there are municipalities in Anatolia that offer the same transportation service and make discounts or do not make a raise at the risk of transportation damage.

Stating that public transportation is the basic service of municipalities, Doğan said: “Zamma will cite the increasing fuel expenses or the losses you have from free boarding and the decrease in ticket revenues. You have attempted to revolutionize transportation for savings in fuel costs. You said we will buy environmentally friendly electric buses. You could not do that either. If fuel costs are increasing, then set up an electric bus fleet. You know you couldn't fuck him. Every time we said, we said find a solution to the consumption expenses and waste of the institution, which increases exponentially every year. Why do you bill the people of Izmir for the damage caused by the institution? " İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu announced that they will go to the new payment model in İZBAN as well as a 10 percent increase in transportation as of the new year. Kocaoğlu explained the new payment model that will start on February 15 in İZBAN as follows: “As of February 15, pricing will be applied in İZBAN with the logic of pay as you go. The full ticket money will be deducted from the account. For every kilometer after 25 kilometers, 7 kurus will be charged from the full ticket, 60 kurus for citizens and students aged 65-4, and 5 kurus for teachers. " 2-year-old Necla Yalçın, mother of 60 children, who reacted to the increase, said, “We are tired of the hikes now. We cannot make a comfortable journey in İZBAN. They also make a raise on it. The raise made as soon as possible should be withdrawn. Izmir residents do not deserve this, ”he said. İnci Çelik, a 67-year-old mother, said, “I do not use public transportation much. But my wife and son use it very often. Traveling from one place to another in Izmir has already become torture. We are in great trouble because of the traffic ordeal. The density of İZBAN is increasing day by day. They also made a raise on these problems. There are people who support their homes with minimum wage. Those people should also be considered, ”he said. Filiz Karaçoban, housewife, mother of 1 child, said, “The new tariff will put everyone in a difficult position. For a normal citizen, 1 lira, 2 lira is a very important money. Considering a month, people will have much more money out of their pocket. If these were considered, there would be no raise anyway. They should increase the number of trips on İZBAN instead of making a raise. "People are tired of traveling in the form of a fish hoard."

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