Istanbul's Technology Magazine 'Tech Istanbul' is Online

📩 20/12/2018 17:09

The technology magazine 'Tech Istanbul', which can be read by downloading it free of charge to iOS / Android phones and tablets by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, has been launched.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, which facilitates the lives of citizens by bringing technological innovations to the e-municipality solutions from smart information systems, is also an example for many cities with its digital applications. Tech Istanbul, the new technology technology city, was launched in Istanbul.

The digital magazine, which will be published on a monthly basis, can be downloaded free of charge to iOS / Android phones and tablets and can be read in interactive structure over the web. The magazine prepared by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department, appeals to everyone who is interested in technology, not just Istanbul.

Tech Istanbul; Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's new technology services, mobile applications at the point of contact with the citizen, software and future projects, as well as the latest developments in the technology world, innovative products, research topics, analyzes, interviews, recommendations for the child-parent focus, start-ups pages and more.

'Everyone's' technology magazine

Tech Istanbul, which is in harmony with the digital conditions of the modern age with its interakif features, was configured according to the latest smartphone usage habits. A modern technology magazine was created with pages opened with touch elements, practical photo galleries, videos and texts.

In the content and technology editing of the journal, 'being understandable' is one of the highlights. Tech Istanbul, which does not show a structure in the form of reading the texts, provides a structure that focuses on all kinds of people of all ages with its content prepared in audiovisual form.

Tech Istanbul, quota-friendly free mobile application, can be read by downloading to phones and tablets in a short time.

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