Israel names Western Wall Railway Station after Donald Trump

It was announced that the name of the US leader, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and lifted the world, would be given to the train station built in the historical region.

The Yediot Ahronoth newspaper, published in Israel, reports that the Tel Aviv administration will call the Wailing Wall Train Station in Jerusalem the name of US President Donald Trump. Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz made the statement.

The Haaretz newspaper, on the other hand, carried the pages of the train station to be built in the Old City district in Jerusalem.

Katz informed that Donald Trump, who recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, would take this step to thank him.

"The wall is a holy place for Jewish people, and I decided to give Trump's name to the station," said the Israeli Minister of Transport.

Local media reports that the high-speed train construction project will connect Tel Aviv and Jerusalem and cost $ 720 million.

US leader Trump appeared in front of the cameras on December 6 and announced the Jerusalem decision that put the world up. According to the document signed by Trump, the US embassy building in Tel Aviv will move to Jerusalem in the coming years.

The decision to put Palestinians down the street was protested from all over the world, from Chile to Japan, from Indonesia to the USA. Many of the Palestinian demonstrators, which Israeli soldiers occasionally dispatched with real bullets, died during protests and dozens were detained.

Trump's decisions in the eyes of the world will step into the garbage came from Turkey. The first bill submitted to the United Nations (UN) encountered the US veto at the Security Council, but the US and Israel were defeated in the historic vote at the UN General Assembly.

He gave 128 support to the bill, which suggested that the two-state solution to the problem that had turned the region into a fireball for years, demanded that the final status of Jerusalem be decided through UN-led negotiations and that the decision announced by Trump was invalid. The number of countries that voted the same as the USA and Israel remained at seven.

The Tel Aviv administration announced that despite the threats of the USA, 35 countries did not accept the bill, which it abstained.

Source : www.milliyet



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