High speed train from Isparta center

Antalya-Isparta-Burdur High Speed ​​Train (YHT) Project, which has long been a subject of debate, Change.org signature campaign was launched on the internet site.

Within the scope of Antalya-Isparta-Burdur High Speed ​​Train Project, the solution of the route problem, which has been dealt with with different information on the public agenda for a long time, is a subject that the two cities carefully follow.

The reasons for Isparta being a center on the route do not end with listing.

For example, Isparta is many times more than Burdur as a population, ahead of Burdur in terms of development and industrialization. It is at a more important point than Burdur in terms of geography and transportation. So much so that; Transportation disruptions and economic losses will occur between Isparta and the connection provinces with a YHT route that will pass over Burdur.

The route of Isparta, Bucak and Antalya, which is expressed in public, will also benefit the development of the two cities at the same time. The reproaches of our Burdurian citizens as 'Burdur By-Pass' actually arise from the fact that they do not examine the subject in detail and prospectively.

As everyone knows, Isparta is entitled to this status within the scope of the new Metropolitan Municipalities work. kazanwill be the city and the Metropolitan Municipality. When these and similar issues are examined, it is obvious that Isparta has both a great right and responsibility for the High Speed ​​​​Train.

With Isparta's Eğirdir Station, this network may be connected to Konya etc. in the future.

Many other factors such as a university that appeals to 100 000+ students, Isparta center and Eğirdir military units, and the Black Aviation School, which will soon be operational, are justifiable reasons for this investment to pass through Isparta. Based on the seriousness of the issue, in addition to the political and bureaucracy of Isparta, Burdur Deputies, Burdur bureaucracy and its people should also have support and requests for the investment to pass through Isparta.

As a result; we want to pass the High Speed ​​Train from Isparta Center in order to create a regional vision not only to save the day or to please a city, but also to create a regional vision for the future.

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