Private public bus drivers in Kahramanmaraş received their certificates

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality gave training certificates to private public bus drivers.

Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Meeting Hall held in the ceremony ceremony Secretary General Züver Çetinkaya, Transportation Services Department Head Yusuf Deliktaş, Public Transport Branch Director H. Mehmet Cicek, branch staff and drivers attended.

Züver Çetinkaya, the Secretary General who gave a speech at the certificate ceremony, pointed out that their aim was to provide the best service to the people of Kahramanmaraş. will be the certificate ceremony today.

First of all, I would like to thank the driver friends for their participation in the training. The age of learning does not mean that we are really great with us, we still have the ministry opened by the municipalities have opened the programs and how we can improve ourselves more we develop our profession, we are in the effort of this, and we need to continue as a society. I never forget that my friend had a memory that he said that one day when my son entered the university exam he asked me something. Ors What do you want me to be? Vs. will take the exam going to the classroom to make the choice. Dad is asking a question what do you want me to be. His father also thought I would be an engineer Become a psychologist and be a district governor. I said, no matter what you do, my son. Be a scavenger if you want, but be competent. Whichever job you do, the best job is to say that when they say that the best job to do it is a man I said. Hangi

It doesn't matter what you're gonna be. Look what you've done to be the best of your job. Now we are endeavoring to carry the best of our people in Kahramanmaras as both the Metropolitan Municipality and the artisans room. We are developing projects. We're doing a lot of work. We make roads, we wear traffic lights, we make markings, we do asphalt, we buy bus, we sell. On the one hand, we take our staff on a one-to-one basis. Our only goal is to make our people in Kahramanmaraş work from home to work, from home to bazaar, from the bazaar to wherever they go, but to do so in the happiest way possible. We're gonna do this together. Perhaps you may have a number of problems on different platforms already discuss our problems. We are trying to find the solution you are looking for solution. But ultimately we run this together. You and our municipality management will continue this work with the goal of serving the people of Kahramanmaraş in the best way. We will continue our activities for this kind of activities, that is to say, we will continue our activities towards education and will continue to work for a happy Kahramanmaraş. Bizim

After Secretary General Çetinkaya's speech, he was entitled to receive a certificate by participating in the trainings. kazanThe drivers were given certificates.

Training was provided to the drivers who were trained by the Department of Transportation Services of Kahramanmaraş Metropolitan Municipality on topics such as 'Developing Communication Skills, Stress Management, Anger Control, Personal Image and Domestic Communication'.

In addition to this, special ID cards prepared for Özek Public Bus drivers were distributed.

Those who want to be a private bus driver 'Psychotechnical report, Criminal Record, Driving License Report is requested. After being trained in line with these reports, promotional cards are given and the inspections of the drivers are tightened.

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