World's Steepest Funicular Opens in Switzerland

steepest finumulus
steepest finumulus

Schwyz Stoos, the world's steepest funicular system, spent 53 million dollars in construction in Switzerland, opened on Sunday. The funicular, which can reach 1738 meters in 743 minutes over the 4 meter high rail bridge in the Alps, is a 'modern engineering wonder' in the eyes of architects.

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The world's steepest funicular system was opened in Switzerland. The funicular system called Schwyz-Stoos, built near the village of Stoos in the canton of Schwyz, is described as a modern engineering marvel.

The rail funicular system, which provides a 'travel in space' experience with its design, cost $ 53 million. Passengers can reach the height of 1738 meters in 743 minutes over the 4 meter high rail bridge. The wagons of the funicular, which will erect the Alpine Mountains at a speed of 10 meters per second, are designed as barrels.

Considering that the village of Stoos is 1300 meters high above sea level, this train ride will be an adventurous experience for Swiss people and tourists. The population of the village is about 50 to the south of Zurich.


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