Bozankaya Rolled Up Handles for High Speed ​​Train Production

2003 started its first production facility in Ankara BozankayaToday, producing Turkey's most important rail and public transport companies came to the location. Bozankaya Aytunç Chairman Gunay, "the vehicle from the production center in Ankara, Turkey today, serving in Germany and Luxembourg. On the 2018 Bozankaya Metro vehicles will be exported to Thailand..

About 30 established years ago as R & D company in Germany, Bozankaya 2003 opened its first production facility in Ankara. Today in the production of electric rail and public transport Turkey gap between the most important companies Bozankaya is now preparing to export the subway wagons produced in Ankara to Thailand. 20 try explaining why they started their activities in Turkey Bozankaya Aytunç Günay, Chairman of the Board of Directors, told the story of the company where 1000 works today:

“Our new production center established on an area of ​​1 thousand square meters in the 110st Organized Industrial Zone of Sincan; It was designed and put into operation for the production of rail system vehicles such as metro and tram, and electric commercial vehicles such as trambus and Sileo. Domestic design vehicles produced in these facilities are still in service in our country and Europe. Between 2012 and 2017, we allocated a budget of 22 million TL for 80 R&D projects in total. The projects offer domestic solutions to Turkey's public transportation needs. It also creates a high value-added export item that is delivered all over the world. We have recently implemented the metro vehicle production that we have wanted for a long time. We carry out R&D and prototype studies of metro vehicles. As of 2018, we will export metro vehicles. With a 50-50 consortium established with Siemens Mobility kazanWithin the scope of the 'Bangkok Green Line Metro Tender' announced, Bozankayasubway vehicles to be produced in Ankara's production center will be exported to Thailand.


Today we have reached a total production capacity of approximately 1200 vehicles / year. High production capacity, thanks to collaborations with different issues in Turkey and the world will take part in many projects in the giant 2018. Bozankaya All products in the product range are environmentally friendly, silent and contribute to the quality of life in the regions where it is used. Another important issue for us is high-speed train production. We also made my production center ready for high speed train production. These efforts and our investment in the direction of Turkey's intent to produce domestic high-speed trains, we have already made an international partner that is in one of the world's most important two companies located in high-speed train production was realized in line with the strategic cooperation agreement. "


Explaining that the MASS transportation sector comes to the fore every year, Aytunç Günay explained the works carried out in this field in the world and in Turkey as follows: “Within the scope of the 2023 vision, an important rail system investment is planned in Turkey. In this context, 90 high-speed train vehicles will be purchased. The financial value of this project alone is 2.5 billion Euros. Since Turkey's oil production is low, the use of electric commercial public transportation vehicles such as the rail system is of great importance. kazanhe's eating. Now we are commissioning the dyehouse facility. Our facility, whose project and manufacture is domestic, will consist of 31 stations of 11 meters. In our paint shop, a wagon can be painted in one shift according to the standards of international underground metro vehicles. In addition, a tram vehicle, a trambus or 10 12-meter electric buses can be painted in accordance with their own international standards in one shift.”

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