The removal of Azerbaijan from DAIB


Turkey-Azerbaijan brotherhood, built on the ideal of "One Nation, Two States", takes a whole new dimension with the development of economic relations. kazanhe's eating.

Baku International Maritime Trade Port, which was built in the town of Elet on the Caspian Sea and planned to operate in 2018, for the launch of the Baku-Tbilisi-Kars railway line and strengthening of Azerbaijan as a logistics and transportation center, and the establishment of a versatile transportation infrastructure in the country. The establishment of a trade zone is one of the most critical developments for our region. We can call it the Azerbaijan-China-London bridge. Thanks to this logistics infrastructure from our region, access to Kazakhstan and other Turkic Republics is provided for market diversification.

In the name of making these developments;

Within the scope of the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Turkey, Market Research and Market Entry 2011 / 1, the Sectoral Trade Delegation for Baku / AZERBAIJAN was organized as the Eastern Anatolian Exporters Association in the construction and contracting sectors operating in our region. Within the scope of the delegation, the leading companies in construction and construction materials sector in Azerbaijan; Pasha Construction LLC, New Life, AAAF Park, Gilan Construction Materials, Kristal Apseron, Metanet A Construction Materials Presenter, Nimex and Cihan Foreign Trade were visited at the site.

He visited Sederek Trade Center, one of the largest construction materials distribution centers in Baku and one of the centers where all imports from the relevant sector entered the country and where importer-supplier companies operating in this sector reside. Our companies have obtained detailed information about the market information of their products and their counterparts.

Turkish Ambassador to Turkey HE Mr. Erkan ÖZORAL and our Commercial Counselor Ahmet ATAKER welcomed our delegation at our Embassy. At the meeting, our participants introduced their companies. Our Commercial Consultant provided detailed information about the current situation of the sector, gaps in the sector, issues to be considered in the market and investment opportunities.

The Secretary General of the National Confederation of Azerbaijani Ownerships (ASK) Kristina MEMMEDOV and the relevant department officials Zaur GOJAYEV and Javid KARİMOV welcomed our delegation and held the meeting. In the meeting, important information was given about the support mechanisms of the government of Azerbaijan, especially for foreign investors and the market entry processes. In addition, it was stated by ASK officials that it would be very beneficial for the trade relations between the sectoral clusters of Azerbaijan and the sectoral clusters of our Union to be done in terms of common relations between the sectoral organizations and common foreign marketing activities.

Azerbaijan-Turkey Businessmen Association (ATIB) Rafiq Qarayev Board Member and Secretary General of ATIB has met our delegation and the meeting was held. During the meeting, detailed information was provided about ATİB's activities and services and consultancy services to foreign investors.

In the organization of the Ministry of Economy, General Directorate of Exports, and the organization of our General Secretariat, the companies in our region have gained experience in marketing and promotion activities abroad. In addition to making commercial interviews with foreign buyers, observing the status of their products in the foreign market, recognizing their competitors in the same sector, and enabling them to have export experience, our company has aimed to improve the bilateral trade relations between our countries and the development of foreign trade in general. .

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