Comfortable place for drivers from Malatya Metropolitan

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality houses houses for taxi and minibuses in order to maintain their profession in a comfortable and healthy environment, which are important elements of collective and individual transportation.

T plate taxis operating in the center of Malatya and M plate minibus drivers in addition to raising the living standards of the city in order to contribute to aesthetics; 'Taxi House' minibus stops to the taxi stops 'Minibus House' is being built.

10 Pieces 'Taxi House' was made

In addition to meeting the social needs of the drivers' shopkeepers, the construction of the 'Taxi House', where they can serve in a comfortable environment, was started. To date, the Taxi House was built at 10 taxi cabins, and it was stated that the construction of the taxi house would continue.

'Minibus House'

The first minibus house in the form of cabins was the last stop of the minibus line of Koyunoglu. The minibus houses where the cabin placement process continues are going to be done on the 7 minibus line.

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