Lip Balancing Compensation to Bursa Kentiçi Cable Car

Bursa Urban Cableway Project of the previous period was canceled by Alinur Aktaş. The ropeway line between Gökdere and Teferrüç would cost 80 million pounds.

Olay Newspaper Writer İhsan Aydın talks about the heavy indemnity clause that the contractor firm has put into the contract in his current article on the canceled project. Aydın points out that the compensation, which is about 8 times higher than the customary, may cause a great headache in the coming period.

In the cancellation of the project, which is a reflection of the AK Party's change in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, heavy compensation was pronounced.

2 The bureaucrats demanded by the contractor firm of the urban cable car, one of the first projects canceled by the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaş, who was elected to the vote in the Municipal Assembly in November, started to think black and white.

Bursa backstage, the tender was approved and delivered to the ground Gökdere-Teferrüç Urban Cable Car Project Contractor of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality claimed 30 million pounds compensation.

It is claimed that the company, which is claimed to demand a substantial compensation due to the cancellation of the project, all of which were tendered to 80 million pounds, is in talks with the authorities of the company and negotiations are under way to attract a reasonable figure.

Tender law, for various reasons for the construction of the administration of the contract for the company that can give up to the contract price of up to 5'i can be paid compensation.

Therefore, the payment to the contractor firm by the Metropolitan Municipality should be at most 4 million pounds, while the company makes a connection for the equipment and equipment orders from abroad after the contract, claiming 30 million pounds from the administration is recorded.

Faced with the financial crisis, the Metropolitan Municipality's bureaucrats are trying hard to overcome the problem with the least damage is also transferred.

So what happens if the contractor's money is not given?

Let us state that the Metropolitan Municipality and the company undertaking the construction of the ropeway project may face legally and the judiciary will put the final point.

Last July, 25 signed a contract for construction of 2 thousand 310 meter cableway between Gökdere and Tefererüç.

With 10 cabin in which 56 people could move, 7,5 could be reached from Gökdere to Teferrüç in minutes.

However, the tender was canceled at the end of November on the grounds that it was not among the priority investments.

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