Beyoglu Nostalgic Tram A Week Free

13 on Istiklal Street The Nostalgic Tram, which was stopped temporarily due to the works started in January, was brought back to Taksim after 1 year.

Nostalgic Tram services between Taksim Tunnel Square and Taksim Square, which was stopped in mid-January due to renovation works on Istiklal Street, have started again today. Istanbul Governor Vasip Şahin, Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mevlüt Uysal, Secretary General of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Hayri Baraçlı, Beybah Mayor Misbah Demircan and IETT General Manager Dr. Nostalgic Tram will be free of charge for one week.

Speaking at the opening ceremony, İBB President Mevlüt Uysal said, esn Our tradesmen here have experienced long-term difficulties, but I hope that in return, there will be no shortage of infrastructure in the coming 20-30 year. We have to take care of this together. We will prevent the entry of heavy vehicles and continuous vehicles into this street. Non-mandatory vehicle entries will not be made. ”

Mayor Uysal also gave information about the works in Taksim Square and said, “Taksim Square started at 2015, 99 is over. It's actually over. The place is recovering. Although Taksim Square is finished, Atatürk Cultural Center will have its new building and its demolition begins. Mete Street in front of the underground will be taken. As the Metropolitan Municipality, we thought that there should not be a street in front of the cultural center and we took it underground. There will be a new study and I hope it will be finished at 2019. ”

Uysal said, önceki The mayor before me had a great effort here as a resident of Beyoğlu, a former Istiklal Street. I thank him. By the way, there were no trees. In 1995, the mayor of that period, Nusret Bayraktar Bey, planted approximately 162 trees. But those trees have not grown for the last 10 years since the ground is already hard. It is also very likely to damage the infrastructure. When we look at the world, there is no possibility of growing trees in such historical areas. Because the floor is hard. The problem does not end when the tree team enters a water on that ground. Will Istiklal Avenue be deprived of green? I hope he won't be deprived of green. Here again in certain sections of the seating areas and greenery around the different methods, flowering will be done. There are examples of vertical gardens in different parts of Istanbul ”.

Governor Vasip Şahin who made a speech at the opening said, “Maybe our citizens and tradesmen suffered; but hopefully this will be worth the trouble. IMM conducted a comprehensive study. He didn't just think about his landscape and put it on this. In particular, they made a very detailed study on the infrastructure in order to prevent some of the discomforts that may arise and meet the new needs that may arise. I would like to thank to our Mayor and to our Mayor and everyone who contributed. This was a Christmas gift by our Metropolitan Municipality. ”

Governor Sahin and President Uysal, stopped at the door of the tram during the journey waved to those around. A free week-round service, which will provide a free service for the 2 TL 60 will be worth the cost of the tram. If the student will be 1 penny 25 penny.



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