Stroller Decision in Ukome Public Transport

ukome transferred a thousand new taxis to the sub commission
ukome transferred a thousand new taxis to the sub commission

The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME) has decided to take the public transport vehicle with a carriage and pram, which is open or closed, provided that the section on the accessibility of the public transport vehicle is not completely closed. In the last month, the subject of the agenda of the Manisa agenda related to the use of public transport vehicles, the parties have resulted in a happy way.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, Brigade Command, Provincial Gendarmerie Command, Provincial Police Department, Highways, State Railways, Investment Monitoring and Coordination Department, 17 district municipality, such as 20 over the public institutions and organizations, and representatives of the Presidency of the Chamber of Transportation UKOME), Manisa metamorphosis of public transport vehicles in the public on the perception of the attempted to be created on the matter Manisa metropolitan municipality again discussed the matter related to the proposal. 20 UKU dated November 2017 The meeting item was settled in the interest of all citizens using public transport. By the UKOME decision 2017 / 117, 'It can be carried with a very rough bag, suitcase and package provided that it does not exceed two pieces of open or closed baby and pram, market car, 25 kg or two, provided that the part of the public transport vehicle for disabled access is not completely closed.' took his decision.

Günceleme: 24/02/2021 19:37

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