Two trains collided in Austria, 4 seriously 20 injured

According to preliminary determinations, 4 passengers, 20 of them were seriously injured, as a result of the collision of two passenger trains in the town of Kritzendorf in Tulln, Austria.

In the town of Kritzendorf, about 20 kilometers from Vienna, the Capital of Austria, two passenger trains collided for an unknown reason. According to the first determinations, 20 people were injured in the train accident. There was no loss of life in the train accident that occurred in the Kritzendorf region in the north of the capital Vienna.

Fire Department SözcüFranz Resperger said that the wagons were derailed and overturned in the accident. According to the first determinations, Resperger stated that 4 people, 20 of them were seriously injured and firefighters continued to rescue the passengers in the overturned wagons, that many ambulances, helicopters and doctors were sent to the scene and thought that the accident was due to human error and that the exact reason would be revealed after the investigation. .



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