Apay: "No Obstacle on Rails!"

With the support of our President and with the support of our governments, the railway mobilization that started in 2003 continues in full swing.

To date, about 64 billion pounds were invested in railways.

With this investment, high-speed train project attracts mainly and drawn vehicles of modernization, making electrical and signaling renewing existing lines, city and intercity modern passenger train operations with historical and cultural heritage of our numerous to be restored according to its original our station station project to life We spent.

Said our project "Human lived in the state thumbs up" principle Pursuing the motto, people are making basis.

For this purpose, fast, comfortable and safe in our modern transportation services for disabled people're getting essentially the easiest and fastest way to access. In addition to our new buildings and facilities, we also design our existing buildings and facilities for our disabled people. We mobilize all the possibilities of our organization for their social and cultural activities.

I wish that the disabled people who are proud and proud to build the future together Aralık 3 December World Disability Day will be auspicious.

TCDD General Manager



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