Ankara's rail system fleet is expanding

New trains are added to Ankara's public transport station. Finally, the construction of the 6 subway car was completed by the Ankara Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa Tuna's instructions were included in the transportation fleet.

Every day in the capital, the 400 has been accelerated for more than a thousand passengers traveling on the rail. The General Directorate of EGO is adding new vehicles to the metros of fast transport. 51, which is the production and installation of 6 in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone, has been received by EGO General Directorate.

EGO officials, the vehicles received by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality by the signaling test will be put into service after testing compliance studies.

The increase in the metro fleet will further ease the traffic of the capital in the future. Authorities stated that the aim is to expand the metro network, which will lead to faster and more comfortable travel, and that at least 2018 cars will be delivered to EGO General Directorate by the end of May. In the context of ongoing mass production, 30 will be handed over to the 2019 wagon until the middle of the year.


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