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Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, 2018 in the public transportation vehicles will not be raised by stating, passengers will continue to carry the current wages reported.

Metropolitan Municipality City Council in the meeting of the Youth Assembly "Fatma Sahin Interview with the young people" in the program that met with the mayor of the Sahin, hasbihal with young people, listened to their demands and problems, gave advice.

In the opening speech of the program, President Şahin emphasized that it is a necessity to capture the spirit of the time, and that technological developments should be followed closely in order to capture the new world that is moving towards becoming an information society.


Referring to the importance of educating young people who are more equivocal, more developed, and drinking water for a world that has embraced the rule of law, Şahin said as What is the hope of the youth when you say what your hope is? What is the claim of young people when you say what is your claim for the future? We live in a period called. The period of sustainable development, which is not the economic development, has begun. There is another unity of discourse and action with the understanding of smart cities. Life; physics, chemistry and mathematics, not physics and chemistry within human and human values, without something missing means.


3 university in the city and 60 is close to a thousand university students, 18 is the 750 thousand students under age. We call it industry, culture and gastronomy, but we are also a young city, a youth city. If we can prepare this potential for the future, we have a great opportunity. If we cannot use this potential, we will have to deal with drugs and violence that are seen as a problem area in the whole world. Therefore, we are opening large areas with protective preventive cultural and social projects for young people. I don't know if there is another municipality that has a book cafe on 160 capacity double storey car park. In the public opinion, 'the president does not like this larger shopping center will do? questions and views? Young people come here, read a book, whether it is a living square, culture, art and social life, we have a sense of municipalism that says life. If we look at where young people are looking, not where I look, we can make our big claim.


The ideologies in local administrations are over, we are in a very good position in social municipality after 1990 years, now all cities offer something to their handicap, poor and victim. We need to put the City Council Youth Council's views on the life of society. Without renting his mind, analyzing the information by assimilating in his own conscience, examining, we will apply it right in the minds of young people need to prepare for the future, "he said.

Sahin, Konya, Kayseri, such as the provinces of Gaziantep in the transportation of university students in the transportation of the price to remain below the 10'ın said that they set a way, within one hour on another bus is free to transfer said.


Stating that they will not raise public transportation in 2018, President Şahin said, “We will not raise transportation, we will carry passengers at the current rates. We went to important innovations about transportation. With the Gaziantep Kart system which is suitable for developing technology, we have made a great contribution to increase the service quality with high security, extra features provided to users and operators. All contactless credit cards used in the world can be boarded. Therefore, it will be possible for our citizens who are not Gaziantep Card to travel. It was Turkey technologically equipped implementation project. Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications 'Turkey Card' project will be spent to life. We were funding 2 million TL transportation per month and now it has fallen to 700 thousand pounds per month. If we come head to head in the new system we can enter a new arrangement for students sek.

Ercan Oğuz, President of the Youth Council of the City Council, gave information about the activities of the youth assembly.

AK Party Gaziantep deputy Mehmet Erdogan, the first general secretary of the city council established in 2004, stating that the metropolitan municipality has been carrying out important studies that touched every area.

Fikret Tural, the Secretary General of the City Council, emphasized that the young people are the guarantor of the future and that they always feel the support of the Mayor Fatma Şahin in their works.

Hülya Yıldız, Head of the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs, made a presentation about the cultural and social activities of the Metropolitan Municipality.

After the speeches, young people answered questions from the young, received requests from young people.



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