Tram Solves Nevşehir's Traffic Problem

The biggest problem of Nevşehir for years is undoubtedly the traffic. So there is a traffic problem that does not suit a city on the scale of Nevşehir. Heavy vehicles such as Trucks and Trucks passing through the city city center increase the traffic density of the city and put them in a deadlock in urban traffic. In addition, this problem brings along many accidents.

According to FİB News; "In order to solve these problems, first a new Ring Road and then a 'Light Rail System Project' that is worthy of 2023 Nevşehir will bring a radical solution to this issue.

Tram is a must for Nevşehir !!

In fact, the radical solution for the traffic problem that is progressing to an inexcusable proportions in Nevşehir, the new ring road and the necessary studies should be started as soon as possible. Until this is done, urban traffic should be relieved a little. A city targeting 2023 should plan the preparations before the High Speed ​​Train project in this direction.

The traffic density in the city center is almost suffocating Nevşehir.

In Nevşehir, which has become unable to breathe with both the excess vehicles and the random parking on the city roads, an urgent solution should be found. In this sense, a tram system to be established between the University and the city center by considering the small tradesmen inside the bazaar will definitely relax the city.

The tram business will make students happy the most in Nevşehir….

Even if the state wishes, this project can even be made by local companies through the build-operate-transfer method, and if this method is followed, the project can be implemented without paying five cents. just like in Bursa and Konya ...

Nostalgic Trams will add a different color to Cappadocia especially in our touristic areas such as Ürgüp and Göreme.

Do not forget that the Tram may be dried for Nevşehir.

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