Turkey's first "Intermodal Logistics Center" Introduced

Turkey's first and only intermodal logistics center "Logistics Village" was made famous presentation.

The introduction of the "Logistics Village", which was made with a 50 million euro grant from the European Union, in partnership with Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Central Black Sea Development Agency (OKA), Tekkeköy Municipality, Samsun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Samsun Commodity Exchange and Samsun Directorate of Organized Industrial Zone in Samsun. done.

Speaking at the introductory meeting held in Logistics Village under the leadership of Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, Samsun Governor Osman Kaymak stated that the Logistics Village was built with a very correct manner and said, “The next job is to operate this place as planned and targeted. We have the storage space needed by companies. Everything consider the center of this aspect, I think it will make a great contribution to Turkey's Samsun and export. PTT Regional Directorate also wanted to rent space from here. So I don't think this place will be empty. We have no worries like that. ”


Stating that the Logistics Village will contribute greatly to the export of the city, Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Yusuf Ziya Yılmaz said, “The construction work of the Logistics Village is about to be completed. We expect the railways of the State Railways to finish as soon as possible. The EU grant has already been released thanks to this guarantee. Everyone acts a little cautiously in a logistics center without a railway connection. State Railways is currently preparing projects. We laid the railway line into the area. Integration to seaway and road is okay. Railway connection is also made. However, the State Railways must hold their hands quickly in order to prevent this from happening. There is currently a demand for 80 thousand square meters of the 50 thousand square meter area. PTT also has a place request here. It is also being evaluated. So we have no worries that this place cannot be rented. There is a demand that almost all of them are leased before the construction is finished. In fact, it fills up in a short time and we may even have to make new storage here. However, in order for this area to be fully productive for the country's economy and Samsun, the rail connection must be completed quickly. For this, all stakeholders have a duty. ”

After the speeches, businessmen visited the logistics center's storage areas. Logistics The village is expected to be operational at the beginning of 2018.



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