Award from Vatmana Büyükerşen for Saving Kitten

Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Büyükerşen congratulated and rewarded the vatman Cansu Deniz, who saw the injured kitten entering under the tram in Eskişehir, stopped the vehicle and ensured its rescue.

Cansu Deniz, who is a resident of Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality who extends a helping hand on the streets with his applications, has been declared a hero by animal lovers due to his sensitive behavior.

The sensitive behavior of Vatman Cansu Deniz was marked by the Eskişehir City Council's traditional Christmas Cocktail. Metropolitan Mayor Büyükerşen participating in the cocktail, said the event, stating, UM Very interesting, but not only for the rescue of a cat to rescue the cat, but more importantly, the rescue of the cat from there until the 20-25 minutes trolley voyage from the tram, if any noise from the tram is not heard. It must be met. This shows the sensitivity of the people of Eskişehir. Vatman congratulates our daughter for her sensitive behavior, "he said.

Cansu Deniz, who was awarded the award from Mayor Büyükerşen expressed his happiness for being appreciated for his sensitive behavior and told about the moment of the event; “I've been in the country for four years. When I left the Atatürk Boulevard stop, I met a wounded cat. I saw the cat's back legs not holding. He stopped the vehicle. A citizen tried to get the cat to get under the tram. But the cat went under the tram. We did not try to take out the citizens until the fire brigade. Fire crews saved the kitten as a result of long efforts. Our people were very sensitive. Eskişehir is a pet friendly city. As a person living in this city, I behaved in a human manner. B

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