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East Express Great Landscape Ilic Erzincan
East Express Great Landscape Ilic Erzincan

Ahmet Arslan, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, expressed their satisfaction with the Eastern Express. Arslan, who is also a deputy of Kars, evaluated Milliyet's interest in the Eastern Express. Arslan stated that they were pleased that the Eastern Express was in demand again and added, “The fact that Kars has a beautiful road route in winter and that many people from Kars return with memories increase the interest. Sudden ruin is included in the world heritage list. In the past the hotel has had trouble in terms, many hotels there now. In winter there is separate beauty. Outgoing advises someone else. ”

'Always have interest'

Noting that there are 200-250 seats in Pulman wagons and three more wagons including two beds and one bunk, Arslan said, “Bed wagons have increased but it is not enough. Yesterday (the day before) they added a wagon. The wagon was added to January 20 and sold. Tickets in this wagon run out in 1 minute and 29 seconds. People, especially young people, follow them instantly on the internet. ”

Arslan stated that the tour companies also bought tickets from the sleeping car and added hotels and sold tickets with various events. Very serious demand. They are demanding groups. There is a very nice demand. The number of wagons is increasing. The bed is not enough to be filled. So let's put the new train is not healthy. Not just a train. Tourists who want to go to see the service but there are also those who go to the day. There are those who descend on intermediate lines. We should think about the passenger of the train together with the tourist. Tren

The train will not depart

Expressing that he loves this journey by train to Kars many times, Arslan said that the high speed train line that will go to Kars will not affect this train, no one should worry, c The high speed train lines will serve the high speed train. Service will continue to be provided with the Eastern Express, Doğu he said.

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