3 from IGA. Huge source for the airport

The company that built the Third Airport increased its capital by TL 1.95 billion. It is stated that companies increase their capital to meet their fund needs.

Çiğdem Toker from Cumhuriyet Newspaper 3. He examined the capital structure at the airport. Here's the relevant part of Toker's article:

Just eight months ago, IGA Airport Inc., which increased its capital from 1 billion 250 million TL to 2.5 billion TL in April, made another serious increase.

And the company increased its capital to 4 billion 450 million TL. Yes, the new capital of İGA Airport A.Ş is 4 billion 450 million TL. Thus, the new share of each of the partners, whose share was 500 million TL until yesterday, rose to 890 million TL.

With the new capital increase, each company puts an additional capital of 3 million TL for the 390rd Airport. Having paid at least 25 percent of the capital committed in accordance with the company's articles of association before registration; The remaining capital needs to be paid in 20 months so that the investment realized is 24 percent equity.

Established with 100 MILLION TL

IGA Airport 2013 was established in October with a million TL 100.

Increased its capital to 2015 million TL in January 250. At the end of the same year, in December 2015, it increased to 1 billion 250 million TL. Shortly before this date, in October 2015

The signing ceremony was held for a total of 3.5 billion Euros of credit financing, of which 1.1 billion Euros to the public and 4.6 billion Euros to private banks. This loan; It was announced that it was provided for three runways and the first stage with a capacity of 90 million passengers.

Let's remind; The 3rd Airport, built with the Build-Operate-Transfer model, is within the scope of the Debt Expansion Regulation. In other words, loan financing was made possible with the debt undertaking commitment of DHMİ. Serdar Hüseyin Yıldırım, the general manager of DHMİ at that time, said, "We are vouching for 5 billion Euros of the loan to be obtained."

We know that one of the reasons for the capital increase is to meet the funding needs and to finance big projects. Construction progresses rapidly at the 3rd Airport. It seems that the need for investment increases as progress is made. In the decision published in the Registry Gazette dated December 18, it was stated that the increased amount of 1 billion 950 million TL was paid by five partner companies in cash.

Let us note that the ability of five partners to pay 390 million TL in cash per company - in capital increase of this amount, is remarkable.

Source : www.cumhuriyet.com.t is



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