Restoration of Güzelyurt Train Station started

Restoration works of the historical Güzelyurt Train Station, one of the symbols of Cyprus and Güzerlyurt, were started.

A concrete step was taken in the restoration of the Güzelyurt Train Station on the toplum 3.Etabı Güzelyurt-Evrihu ”line, which was built during the British colonial period.

Minister of Tourism and Environment Ataoğlu, built during the British colonial period and 46 years after serving 31 1951 XNUMX in the last expedition with the restoration of Güzelyurt Train Station was restored and told to society. Ataoglu, then said in a statement, the project was completed, money blocked and announced that the tender process began.


Ministry of Tourism and Environment tender for the restoration and restoration of the Railway Station. The company started the repair and restoration works. Every side of the station, including the demolished walls, rotting doors and windows, was repaired. the works in the museum were planned to be completed in a short time. The beginning of the work was welcomed by the residents of Güzelyurt.

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