Forgotten Items on IETT Buses

Forgotten items on the IETT buses 15 January 2018 will be put up for sale on Monday at Karaköy Garage Building. IETT buses, stops, BRT vehicles and stations are forgotten and the goods delivered to the authorities are recorded and those who have the possibility of deterioration are destroyed, durable products are kept for a year. Then, the commission formed in certain periods of the year is put up for sale by auction method.

The applicants are returned with the descriptive information such as the quality of the goods, the date, place and time they lost. New items such as clothes and shoes are donated to Kizilay at the end of a year. Used clothes or food, such as those that are likely to be destroyed is destroyed.

Durable, can be used and precious goods, stored for a year from the moment it is found, after a year under the supervision of the commission under the supervision of the auction method is offered for sale.

What to do to find the passenger's goods?
The items that are forgotten in the buses and noticed by sensitive citizens and delivered to the drivers or line supervisors are taken under protection in the IETT's lost property office in Karaköy. Passengers who forget their belongings or by coming to IETT himself.

Date: 15 January 2018 (Monday)
Time: 09: 00 - 12: 00
Location: IETT General Directorate
Karaköy Station Building (Tünel's Karaköy Entrance)



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