3. Bridge enforcement court!

The operator of the Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, which was opened a year ago with the claim that it will bring the two sides of Istanbul together and relieve the traffic significantly, and the drivers became court. Drivers who claim that the OGS and HGS systems are not working properly state that they have come to their homes for this reason. Don't say 'I don't use it, nothing will happen to me', Sözcü In addition to the intense complaints made to the WhatsApp Hotline, hundreds of drivers are trying to voice their injustice and make their voices heard over the internet.


The owner of a vehicle reaching the tip line says “what happens is our voice, İh he says. Sözcü reads the following words in the reader lives. X Çekmeköy 2. I've been using the bridge link for some time now. HGS is available, 3 TL for the road today we were given an SMS to the execution. They gave us direct execution without any notification, they wanted us to pay 1351 TL. What do you want with this money? HGS balance is present, even if it is not available, how are you sending notification for execution, you can also send notification that the account balance is not available. I would like to immediately return this mistake and make sure that it is done. Bir


A driver who cannot understand whether some bridges are paid or not, is claiming that he has been wronged and is looking for the right to complain on the internet. Car owner tells the following experiences; Olu God bless the beautiful YSS Bridge and the northern perimeter highway. It would be better if you passed us there and did not charge us any money in the HGS and called us a leak and 10 75 TL was cut as 8.25 after the 6 day. We stopped using this route because you made a wage cut without notice. 300 has been seen where the wage was taken. We can tell you, but 10 is a shame. Sö


One driver ibi I have 5 units and 3 TL enforcement proceedings have been started for me because I use the 600 bridge and connection paths. So here I want to tell the consumer without any warning enforcement proceedings. Thanks to you, the lawyers turned the corner. If you think the HGS balance is low and you have used the 3 bridge or the Mahmutbey connection road and forgot to deposit you paid ten times. What are you, a lawyer? "I'm not saying anything, how long will the deviation end?"


Another driver; Or Transitions 1 is being sent back to me as punishment after years. Moreover, the way of execution. During this period, they do not work in any way with the attorney's offices are not working in such a way, "he says.


If a driver is oluy on the North Marmara Motorway, even though the account balances are sufficient, there is no shooting from time to time; 8 TL toll is paid as 9 TL, 2 TL toll is allocated as 20 TL and you are given to execution if you do not pay. I called the call center I've got enough balance on the time I've been taken to the past lawyer on the time I'm being given 15 month after that such a thing? They say they can't do anything. If the system does not read the barcode, there is no deduction from the plate and it is automatically writing a transgression violation.


A driver indicates that the signs indicating that the connection roads are mercenary are not noticeable, so the execution paper comes to his house and adds; Im YSS Bridge north Marmara road I've never been on the bridge I just used the Istoc side way. I didn't know he was paid for the first time. I learned later, I did the HGS loading. I thought they were dropping off like other toll booths. They fall. Plus the money did not give the news did not inform you that you have passed the debt until you have. 50 penny 1 pounds transitions 10 solid penalty cuts have not yet known. In which period we live. 20 - 25 comes to penal execution law, 358 pounds come for pound. How they find the address phone number can not find a business called Ica.

”I never used the bridge”

Another driver said that he never used the bridge and that he had executive paper. "3. When no one crosses the Bosphorus Bridge Motorway, punishment has begun for those who have never used the bridge. Interestingly, there is money in HGS and even 3. Although I never use the bridge, Ica (3. Bosphorus Bridge Motorway) brings me the executive paper. When we meet with our female lawyer to give 2000 another lawyer says. Where are these folks in this state? Nerede


699 TL borrowed a debt drive "I'm not astrologer," he says voicing revolt. . No information given to the debt information without even sending a notice to my mother's line S ** B ** You have the debt to the lawyer said that the legal status of an institution that says that without doing so can do injustice. Not to mention the lawyer in an improper rude manner. It seemed that I didn't owe it to the E-Government and HGS. I'm not self-conscious I'm in debt to you in no way without telling me I know. When I was in 2016 in the year 71 was in contact with me, why didn't it reach me, didn't leave me, didn't send SMS, didn't call me. Now I am amazed at how it reached. I do not accept 699 TL which is the debt of the floor. It is this irregularity that you cannot reflect to anyone without the reported accumulation of interest debt. Bu


. The amount I paid for 3 transition from Ica (5. Bosphorus Bridge Motorway) on the north highway is 585 TL. I used the connection highway in May. I called Ica on 3 November 2017 and asked if I owe it. You don't seem to owe me money and 16 2017 302 came to me in the executive paper, 20 TL. 2017 November 585 's called a lawyer. I started talking to the lawyer and said that I would pay 302 TL if I paid the same day. How can I pay my 3 TL 585 TL 585 a day? The lawyer began to raise his voice to me; If you do not pay, you pay, you pay the fine, there is no way to go to prison. I'm surprised what I'm gonna do. I wanted to go to the courthouse to appeal the debt, but I couldn't go because I had a little baby. I paid XNUMX TL like a lamb. Bank


If the owner of a vehicle 3200 lirayı finds his astonishment with the following words; Im My vehicle 34 Basın 58 ** I used the Fenertepe Press Expres route which was connected to the new Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge connection. Since there is no sign that this road is a mercenary; However, because the balance is over and 15 is over, my home has been sent to my home. 2,552,00 TL has exceeded TL 3,200 with high penalty and interest. It is impossible for me to pay this amount. I want to agree. Ant

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