Between Adana and Adana

Mersin-Adana 25 will go down to the minutes of the Governor of Mersin Ali Ihsan Su, TCDD'nin continues the construction of the High Speed ​​Train Project and Yenice Logistics Center in Mersin with the journalists to the Governor Water: We will fold in minutes.

Water, along with TCDD 6. Regional Director Oğuz Saygılı and journalists from Mersin Railway Station and boarded the train to Yenice Station.

Providing information about the route during the journey, Governor Su, Mersin and Adana between the 67 kilometers of a railway line that is available and 15 thousand passengers every day as it moved, he said.

Su said that the train journey between the two neighboring cities takes 45 minutes at the moment. “With the high speed train we will do, we will travel the 67 kilometer railway route in 25 minutes. Current trains can travel at an average of 110 kilometers. When the high-speed train arrives 160-200 will be the trains going to the speed of kilometers and we will have dropped this route to 25 minutes. Hızlı

Underlining that the project is very important, Su stated that the number of passengers is expected to be as high as 50 per thousand.

Arı Infrastructure works have been completed by approximately 90. This is a project of about 198 million pounds. At the end of the year the infrastructure will be completely completed and superstructure works will be done. Superstructure tender will be held in January. Within the superstructure within the new terminal building, electrical works, rail work will be such things as laying. "He said.

Water, the necessary security measures on the line will be taken, under and overpasses will be made, sound blocking walls will be found in the scope of the study between Adana and Mersin in addition to the two lines in addition to the 2 line will be added.

Later on, the construction of the ongoing Yenice Logistics Center, the Governor Su, was briefed by the authorities.

When the center is completed, a significant contribution will be made to the commercial freight transportation and logistics sector. Water will cost around 100 million pounds. The center will be finished in the first half of next year.

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