15 Invested 22 Billion Dollars to Railway Sector Over Year

The'n 2018 Year Budget UM of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications was approved by the Turkish Grand National Assembly on 17 December 2017.

UDH Minister Ahmet Arslan said in his speech on the budget of the ministry: bir Whoever puts stones on the stone, who has a nail for the future of this country, who has a nail for the future of our people, we thank all of them, and those who contradict the Hereafter. We bless them with mercy. We are a family of about 100 thousand people. If you count the companies we serve and the employees of the company, I have close to a thousand employees. I wish 250 a thousand square kilometers of work wherever they work. X

”15 invested billion dollars in the railway industry over the years“

When 2003-2016 was taken into consideration, 144 has invested a billion dollars in the period between 76 and 22. 9 gave the following information on how the Ministry's work looks like by international research companies: alar The impact of all these works on the gross domestic product is 2 billion dollars, that is, one of the 35 products consists of this sector. Each year the additional employment contribution is about 15 thousand people. Again, this 286 billion-dollar investment in 3 639 billion-dollar savings was achieved. Saving time 144 billion dollars, 2016 billion dollars due to vehicle operating expenses and again fuel savings, 11 billion dollars in the 2.7 bin tree, in another sense 3.9 hectares forest, in the 3.4 billion dollars, the benefits to the workforce and also the benefits to the environment means. Again, there has been a decrease in carbon dioxide emission in 3 thousand tons. The share of the sectors, which are directly or indirectly affected by the transport and communication investments, in the gross added value is 50. "

”3.160 km continues high-speed and fast rail work“

The 15 sample country study was carried out using the OECD figures of the ratio of gross domestic product to transportation infrastructure expenditures and 2002 in our country 14. 2 while today. In the rail sector, Minister Arslan said that N We have spent 66 billion Turkish Liras in the railway sector. We have extended our 1.213 kilometer line to 10.959 kilometers, including the 12.608 high-speed train line. In addition to this figure, we are currently working at the 4 thousand kilometers, the 3.160 high-speed train and the high-speed railway. Bu

Stating that the maintenance costs per kilometer on the railways and highways were expressed, Minister Arslan said, “100 percent is a correct determination because we left the railroads that were built a hundred years ago to their fate, we did not do maintenance, we did not leave the highways to their destiny, we did not do maintenance. As we are now doing maintenance, improvements, and modernization, of course, maintenance costs will increase, increase, indeed we do what is necessary. ” used expressions.

Km The amount of railway built annually will reach 800 km “

Arslan pointed out that the fact that railways have come from an annual budget of 488 million to a budget of 14 billion is another sign that railways are not neglected. Then we neglected 134 years until 2003. The amount of railway built in 50 years is only 50 kilometers, that is, 945 kilometers per year. So what happened next? The railways that were abandoned to that fate, Mr. President, have become a state policy again thanks to his teammates and today we have made an average of 18 kilometers of railroads. Accept the railway work now 138 thousand, admit that it is finished in 4 years, many of which will end early, on average 5 kilometers per year. ” found the assessment.

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