14 144 Billion Dollar Investment

2003-2017 years 76 billion in highways, railways billion 22, 9 billion dollars to the airways, 2 billion dollars to the maritime sector, while 35 billion dollars have been invested in the communications sector

Government land, air and maritime industry in his era with an investment of 144 billion dollars jumped in the transport sector in Turkey. Between 2003 and 2017, 76 billion dollars were invested in highways, 22 billion dollars in railways, 9 billion dollars in airlines, 2 billion dollars in the maritime industry, and 35 billion dollars in the communications sector. The effect of these investments on gross domestic product has reached 286 billion dollars. The contribution to additional employment created annually with investments was approximately 639 thousand people. The AK Party government, in power for making serious investments in Turkey where the transportation field for 15 years, has increased the comfort of citizens.

during the AK Party government met with high-speed trains Turkey, lived in the revolutionary transformation of the railway field. While the sector, which previously had an annual budget of 488 million lira, now has an annual budget of 14 billion liras, so far, a total investment of 66 billion liras has been invested in the sector, considering the revaluation rates of the Ministry of Development. As of today, 213 thousand 10 kilometers of railway lines, including 959 kilometers of high-speed train lines, are increased to 12 thousand 608 kilometers, as well as work continues at 3 thousand 971 kilometers. With an investment of 144 billion dollars, only 2016 billion dollars of savings were achieved in 11. Saving $ 2,7 billion, $ 3,9 billion due to vehicle operating costs and fuel savings, $ 3,4 billion from accidents reduction and its workforce impact, saving 3 tons of paper with environmental benefits, saving 50 trees . There was a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions in 782 thousand tons.

Thanks to the investments made in aviation sector, while 34.5 million passengers are moving annually, the number of passengers in domestic and international flights is expected to be 195 million this year. The highest ever figure in this area was the annual 183 million.

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